The real recording studio gift experience

Q. What is Bluebird Studios one day recording gift experience?

A.  This is a day where you can try different arrangements,  record lots of different versions on your tracks, have multiple takes on your showreel etc.  A day where editing, auditioning, mixing is performed at a later date, freeing up the creative recording process.

The reason behind the recording experience day is I wanted to offer a day where the performer gets a the whole day to try out ideas or different versions of whatever they need.

This deal is really a day and two free hours where all the edits, mixing, burning CDs or mp3s are done on a later day.

The benefits are –

  1. A more cost effective day
  2. A clear focus on performance
  3. More relaxed time management
  4. An exciting creative experience

Recording studio Gift experienceThe cost advantage – a day and two hours would normally cost €465

The experience day cost is €375 which is 10 hours in total.  That works out at €37 a hour. This is the best rate that Bluebird Studio offers.


All orders receive a gift voucher in next day’s postMusic gift Vouchers Time breakdown:
Day one is an eight hour session
Day two is the remaining two hours
You can decide to break the 1st day into 2 x 4 hour sessions (this might work better for people who only have the evenings available to come to Bluebird Studios)


Who is the gift experience suited for?

A musician wants the chance to get their song record professionally with (radio ready sound)

An actor who wants to put together a showreel with different targets in mind – broadcasting, acting,  journalism

A singer songwriter who wants their material recorded and produced

Voice over artists performing large scripts

Any performer at any level who needs their work recorded professionally


How to book –

The experience day can be booked from this page by clicking the add to basket button above.

Payments accepted are credit cards and PayPal.

For general support re vouchers click here