Recording Studio Equipment

The recording studio equipment used by Bluebird Studios is the best available today.  I have spent years auditioning gear and continue to look for the products that make a real difference.  The EQ that brings out the air in the acoustic guitar may not be the best choice of for pushing the bottom on a kick drum.  That is why you will see different high end brands of EQ, compressors, Reverbs, Filters, de-essers and more.

The collection of preamps I’ve built up over the years cover a lot of ground.  From crunchy mid frequencies to soft lower range to crisp top end.  It’s probably true to say that one type of preamp can cover every recording task or at least almost all.  But having different types of preamps can an add to the production value and ultimately give me and my clients the results they crave.

Mixing desk

Audio Effects/Others

Effect units
Bricasti Reverb
Eventide Eclipse
Lexicon PCM 96
Eventide H9
SPL Transient Designer
Strymon Timeline

Fender Stratocaster – Custom shop 57 – Dave Allen Hot 54/59 PU’s
Fender Nocaster – Custom Shop 51

Tone King Sky King
Phil Jones AG300

Dave Smith Prophet 08

100’s too many to list

Audio Compressors

API 525 x2
Summit Audio MPC 100 A
Cranesong Trakker
API 2500
Rupert Neve 5043
Focusrite ISA 430 MK2
SPL Kultube
Neve 8801
SPL Channel one
UA 6176
Buzz Audio Essence
Anamod Am 660

Audio Preamps

API 512c x2
UA 6176
Summit Audio MPC 100 A
Audient 8024 Pre
Focusrite ISA 430 MK2
Neve 8801
Millenia HV-3 x2
Avid Omni

Audio Equalisers

API 5500
Summit Audio EQP 200 b
API 550 b
Rupert Neve 5033
Focusrite ISA 430 MK2
Neve 8801
UA 6176
SPL Channel one

recording studio equipment
API 500 series modules
UA Summit Audio pre amps

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