Recording Studio Voucher Guidelines

After purchasing your recording studio voucher what happens next?

  1. A hard copy of your voucher is posted with next day’s post – (Friday’s studio vouchers are posted on Monday morning).  They are printed on thick glossy paper – perfect for gift presentation.
  2. Call or email me to book the time for your recording studio session
  3. I will make contact with you in advance of the session to organise backing tracks, session set ups, etc.
  4. Backing tracks are supplied free of charge as part of the voucher
  5. After recording studio session you will receive 3 x CD copies and WAV and MP3 versions of your songs

Please contact me here if you have any questions

recording Studio Voucher


 Here is a brief description of what you can expect using our recording studio voucher

Recording studio voucher (One Hour)

API 500 series modules used to mix song with recording studio voucher

For singers a good guideline would be to pick 2 or 3 songs on backing tracks.
(We supply the backing tracks free of charge)

For solo musician(s) aim to get one or two songs done well.  With longer set up and mixing times this is a reasonable expectation.  With the hour voucher an average time guideline would be 40 minutes (performance time),
20 minutes editing, song mixing, CD burning & MP3 prepping.

 Recording studio voucher (Two Hours)

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster

When singing to backing tracks the average number tends to be four or five songs.  I would advise having six songs ready just in case things go exceptionally well.

Like our one hour studio voucher the ratio tends to work out similar, 1.5 hour recording to 0.5 hour mixing and finalising (example printing CDs, coverting the song to mp3 for easier file management etc.)

Solo musician(s) should aim to get two or three songs done well, have a fourth ready.  Allow time for set up and mixing at either end of the session.

 Recording studio voucher (Three/Four Hours)

Audient Console Pro Tools 12

Singers can expect to cover six to eight songs with these vouchers.  Musicians should call me in advance to discuss instruments and how to set up the studio to best suit your needs.  I would encourage taking a small 10 to 15 minute break inside the three – four hours.

Taking a break is at the client’s discretion.  During this break editing and mixing can happen so no time is lost.

Quick tips for before using Bluebird Studios recording studio voucher.

When you arrive at the studio I will be ready to record straight away.  So warming your voice up beforehand would be a good idea.

You are very welcome to bring friends along if you wish, you may feel more relaxed with familiar faces around.

Acoustic Instruments


If you are using acoustic instruments – if new strings are needed, it is  best to restring at least the night before to let the string have a settling-in time.

(Drum kits)

Drum kits can have many noise generating areas

Check for loose clamps, under-tightened snare wire, squeaky kick drum pedal or any loose cymbal stands.

New skins will have a bed-in time so best practice is to have skins on at least 24 hours before session.

Different snare options can be very helpful in covering more tonal options

Good quality drum mat does a better job at keeping the kit in place.


  • Coffees and teas are available for free
  • Microwave, toaster & fridge available at studio

Directions to Bluebird Studios

  • If you have a smart phone you can simply put these co-ordinates into the Google map app: 53.279731,-6.534775
  • Alternatively a map and directions can be found on our contact page

Tip: the studio address is Castlewarden, Straffan, Co. Kildare but the studio is closer to Newcastle village, Co. Dublin

25 minutes from Dublin city centre

Aim for the N7, head for Exit 5 or 6  (3 minutes from either exit)