Bluebird Studios Gift Voucher Two Hours

Bluebird Studios Gift voucher two hours is the most popular choice of voucher.  Here are some guidelines on what you can achieve with this voucher. Consider the following to be based on averages.

Singers songwriters

Aim for either 2 solo performances or one with a more complex arrangement.  It may be worth noting that doing the 2 songs you should factor in more time for editing and mixing. A common breakdown would be 1 hour 20 recording and 40 minutes finally mixing.


Singers with backing Music (tracks)

Suitable for singers who want to get up to 4 songs recorded professionally with backing tracks.

Poem / Script recitals

Over the last few years the average has been around 3 thousand words or just above.  Factors like playing different characters may bring the word count down. Also if the scripts or poems offer high level of difficulty extra time may be needed

Voice over (short scripts)

Usually I would do many takes on the scripts and combine the best performances to get the best Voice Reel as possible. Please allow time for this process. Typically you could spend 120 minutes recording and 40 minutes editing.


All orders receive a gift voucher in next day’s postMusic gift Vouchers  

The vouchers can be used against any studio product offering.  The above is just an example of some of the things you can do with the vouchers.

All above are only general guidelines and of course people need variable amounts of time. I always try to give people a accurate advice so if you do have any queries please feel free to contact me on 087 1646071 or mail


Included with all studio vouchers:

  1. Master copy Cd x3
  2. Mp3 and wav file format for uploading online
  3. Any music stands, lights, guitars, guitar amps or keyboards will be supplied
  4. A back up of the session


Directions to Bluebird Studios Dublin / Kildare Border

Paste these co-ordinates into your map app –  53.279731,-6.534775
You can view a map here to get directions
***TIP *** The studio address is Straffan but we are closer to Newcastle village Co Dublin